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 Adopted and Rescued Animals Animals Arctic/Polar Animals Armadillos Baby Animals Bears Bears: Black Bears: Polar Big Cats Black Animals Blackbirds Brown Animals Butterflies Butterflies: Monarch Canines Cats and Kittens Cats: Adopted & Rescued Cats: Birman Cats: Black Cats: British Shorthair Cats: Domestic Cats: European Shorthair Cats: Grey Cats: Long-haired Cats: Maine Coon Cats: Norwegian Forest Cats: Persian Cats: Ragdoll Cats: Red/Orange Cats: Red/Orange Tabby Cats: Scottish Fold Cats: Short-haired Cats: Siamese Cats: Siberian (Siberian Forest) Cats: Silver Tabby Cats: Tabby Cats: Tortoiseshell Cats: Turkish Van Cats: White Cats: White & Orange Chinchillas Chipmunks Clouded Leopards Cockatiels Cockatoos Crows Deer Dinosaurs Dogs and Puppies Dogs: Afghan Hounds Dogs: Beagles Dogs: Border Collies Dogs: Borzoi Dogs: Chow Chows Dogs: Dachshunds Dogs: German Shepherds Dogs: Greyhounds Dogs: Huskies Dogs: Jack Russell Terriers (Parson Russell Terriers) Dogs: Japanese Spitz Dogs: Large Breeds Dogs: Maltese Dogs: Mastiffs Dogs: Miniature Dachshunds Dogs: Papillons Dogs: Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dogs: Pit Bulls Dogs: Pomeranian Dogs: Siberian Huskies Dogs: Whippets Dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Dolphins Dolphins: Bottlenose Donkeys Ducks Ducks: Mallard Eagles Elephants Extinct Animals Falcons Felines Fennec Foxes Ferrets Fireflies Fish Fish: Bettas Foxes Foxes: Arctic Foxes: Red Frogs Gerbils Giraffes Goldfish Guinea Pigs Hamsters Hamsters: Syrian (Golden/Teddybear) Hawks Hedgehogs Horses Horses: Black Horses: Clydesdales Horses: Friesians Horses: Thoroughbreds Horses: White Hummingbirds Hyenas Jaguars Japanese Koi Fish Kingfishers Kiwis Lemurs Leopards Leopards: Black Lions Lions: African Lions: White Lynxes Lynxes: Eurasian Magpies Manatees Mice Monkeys Northern Cardinals Ocelots Octopuses Orcas Owls Pandas: Red Panthers Parakeets (Budgerigars/Budgies) Parrots Peafowl (Peacocks) Penguins Penguins: Emperor Pets Pigs: Miniature Ponies Ponies: Welsh Puffins Rabbits & Bunnies Rabbits: Black Rabbits: Lionheads Rabbits: Netherland Dwarf Rabbits: White Raccoons Rats Reindeer Robins Rodents Sea Animals Sea Otters Sea Turtles Seahorses Seals Seals: Harp Sharks Sharks: Great White Sloths Snails Snow Leopards Squirrels: Black Squirrels: Eastern Gray Starfish Swallows Swans Thorny Devils Tigers Tigers: Bengal Tigers: Siberian Tigers: White Titmice Tortoises Turtles Tyrannosaurus Rex Whales White Animals Wolves Wolves: Arctic/White Wolves: Black Wolves: Grey Wombats

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