Davy Tia Them

Written by Amber:

We actually get to meet Tia Dalma before Davy Jones in Dead Man's Chest. She appears to be a voodoo priestess when we follow Jack to her little hut/house surrounded by fireflies and jungle brush. Tia acted mysteriously in the second movie, speaking passionately about Davy Jones and the woman he loved so deeply. From the way she and Jack spoke to one another it appears that they had a relationship, possibly intimate, at one point in time. Tia was able to locate the area the Flying Dutchman would be in on the same night the cast went to visit her.

Once Jack's life is taken by the Kraken, the crew returns to Tia Dalma's home. She offers them drinks and, after doing so, offers the option of bringing Jack Sparrow back from the dead. Once everyone agrees, Tia unveils Barbossa's revival. Her reasons for doing so, let alone her abilities to do so, are kept in the dark until the third movie. As it turns out, Barbossa, Jack and other pirate lords have pieces of eight that have the ability to release her from her human body: Tia Dalma is actually the goddess Calypso, bound to human form.

After the pirate lords are assembled and the pieces of eight are collected, Tia is tied to a ship mast and Ragetti speaks passionately to her in an effort to release her from her bounds. They tell Tia that Davy Jones betrayed her and helped them bind her to this form in the first place in an effort to receive her aid in the upcoming battle against the Flying Dutchman. Instead, Tia Dalma grows several feet high and falls into the sea in the form of hundreds of crabs. With her release she brought about a giant hurricane and maelstrom, enabling a fair fight between the two ships and taking out her wrath on each for betraying her.