Davy Tia Them

Written by Amber:

Tia Dalma and Davy Jones were originally lovers, though back then Tia Dalma was actually Calypso and Davy was a human. Soon after they fell in love, Calypso appointed Davy to be the captain of the Flying Dutchman. Davy's original job was to ferry the men lost at sea to the afterlife; to help them find their way. He kept up with this job for ten years, looking forward to the one day he would get to see his love after exactly ten years had passed: Davy is unable to set foot upon land except for once every ten years. Calypso promised to meet Davy on that one day, and that was his solace in taking the job. But after all that time, Calypso did not show up on the given day and Davy returned to sea with a broken heart.

Enduring the pain of a broken promise, Davy decided that he no longer wished to feel emotions. The pain was too much for Davy, and so he cut out his own heart, locked it away in a chest and had it hidden on Isla Cruces (Crosses Island). He stopped caring about the duty Calypso had given him and instead offered them the choice he still offers in Dead Man's Chest: either join his crew for a century or die. In essentials, Davy became a monster. As more years passed, more and more objects and animals from the sea became a part of him, and he became more and more cruel to the men that eventually made up his crew. And then, in the face of revenge, Davy decided to reveal to the Pirate Lords the secret to binding Calypso to human form. They managed to do it successfully, although Tia Dalma had no idea that Davy was behind it all.

In At World's End, Tia manages to gather the Pirate Lords as well as the pieces of eight needed in order to release herself from her bonds. They of course wanted to help her with this because at the time they thought she would be on their side when it came to fighting against Davy Jones and Beckett's crew: James Norrington was able to capture Davy's heart and handed it over to Cutler Beckett, who began to give Davy orders. Anyone who holds Davy's heart has control over the ocean, and Beckett wanted to use this power to rid the world of pirates. The Pirate Lords, of course, didn't want for this to happen.

Of course, Davy was able to see his lover once before she was set free. Barbossa threw her in the jail cell below deck after she showed him what she was still capable of in human form, and when she listened to the twinkling of her locket end, Davy entered with his own matching locket finishing the twinkle. The two spoke to each other with a lot of passion and pain clearly visible in their eyes. Tia called Davy a monster after his transformation and explained that she could not meet him on the given day because she feared it would be too predictable, and the entire reason that Davy loved her was for her rash and unpredictable nature. Davy was still angry, and told her that he no longer cared for her after she confessed that she still felt deeply for him. Even so, he told her that his heart would always belong to her right before he left.

Tia is eventually released and free as Calypso once more, and after she is told that Davy is the one who told them how to bind her in the first place, she makes sure that everyone pays: the Pirate Lords for binding her, and Davy for telling them how. She creates a giant hurricane for the final battle to take place with, posing what is actually a fair fight between the two ships. Eventually Will stabs Davy's heart and Davy falls into the ocean, whispering his lover's name as his last word before falling into the whirlpool below and becoming a part of the sea at last. It is unknown what happens between Davy and Calypso after that.