Davy Tia Them

Written by Amber:

We first meet Davy Jones when Jack sends Will to go on a ship recently taken down by the Kraken in order to await the Flying Dutchman. When the Flying Dutchman finally comes and Will is captured, Davy walks before the remaining survivors of the wreckage, asking each if they "fear death" nonchalantly, pipe in tentacle. He offers each a century of sailing upon his ship, a postponement of the judgement day set in the near future for them. Those who decline his offer are killed shortly afterward, thrown overboard with a slit throat. Those who accept are taken in to sail 100 years before the mast. As awesome as this might sound for any sailor or pirate who loves the ocean, it's not what it appears. In actuality, their years never end; each crew member eventually becomes a part of the ship, grime and other sea creatures growing on their bodies the longer they stay with Davy's crew.

Davy isn't particularly kind to anyone. After he was let down on the fateful day Calypso stood him up after ten years of waiting, Davy turned into a harsh man. His original duties were to ferry men to the afterlife, help them find their way, an order from Calyspo herself. As a way of revenge he slacked on those duties and made the afterlife less enjoyable for everyone who nearly lost their life at sea. "Life is cruel, why should the afterlife be any different?" is his justification. Even so, there are rare moments when Davy's expression changes considerably after he's told about touching things. When Jack tells Davy that Will is engaged, Davy's face begins to sadden and he nearly begins to cry, but in the end his cruel side wins him over. Davy seems to be one of those men who are very emotional but rarely show it, and tries to put on a harsh exterior so everyone can see him as a brutal monster to be feared.

Given that Davy cut his own heart out and locked it away in a chest, he's not very easy to defeat in a battle. Take away the fact that he has the mythological Kraken on his side, the ability to shift from one ship to the next without taking a single step at night or when stormy, a giant crab claw that can snap swords in half in addition to an amazing swordfighting prowess, Davy has no heart to stop in the first place. The only way to defeat him is to find his heart and stab it, but even then the so called victor must take Davy's place as captain as the Flying Dutchman, because it always needs a captain. Anyone who has Davy's heart in their possession is able to use him for their own needs. Cutler Beckett came to hold the heart in his hands after Commodore Norrington handed it over in exchange for some honor. Beckett forced Davy to order the Kraken to beach itself in case Davy decided he didn't want a little white wigged annoyance to be giving him orders. Fortunately, Beckett eventually dies. Unfortunately, so does Davy, once Will stabs his heart and Davy falls overboard into the whirlpool created by his released lover, Calypso.